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An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet. - Ancient Asian belief

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I've had many jobs in my adult life, working in states on both coasts and in between, working from home, offices and in kitchens. The past 15+ years I've seen my main job as being "mom". One of my greatest joys of motherhood is teaching my teens about their Chinese and Korean cultures through food. Our time cooking together is valuable and special. It connects us with each other and to life.


Ever since becoming a mom I have had a deep desire to cook up for my girls all the delicious food I remember eating growing up the child of an immigrant in NYC. I can still smell and taste the dishes coming from mom's and grandma's kitchens. Food is my love language. Cooking is in my DNA. You always have a place at my table.


I wanted to share a little about what Red Thread Kitchen is and why I started it This blog site is a labor of love.


My red thread connects my heart with the adoption community. If you are a Chinese or Korean adoptee/family, your red thread connects you and me. If you love discovering recipes, your red thread connects you to me.

My teens were both adopted from China when they were about a year old back in 2005 and 2008. My oldest comes from Fujian Province, my youngest from Guangdong Province, where my family is from. My husband is Korean and came to the US with his family when he was around 7. I love the two cultures in our family and I especially love the food.


Food is my love language. I loved my girls even before they were in my arms. I wanted to make a family recipe book of favorites from my childhood, and that my girls have come to love, so they could cook their favorites when they go off to college and beyond.


Most of my recipes are simple. I go online for more complicated recipes. Sometimes I follow exactly, sometimes I just look at the ingredients and general directions and make it my own way. I won't reinvent the wheel. Those recipes are wonderful and I will continue to go to them.

My recipes were created for my family. They are not all 100% traditional but I hope you give them a try and find them delicious. My goal is for you to feel my connection to you because you are part of my family now too!

If you love Asian food and want to explore recipes with me, your red thread connects you to me. Whether you have a connection to the adoption world or not, I hope you keep visiting my blog and take this journey with me as I share recipes we've made countless times and try new ones! My goal is to try to post at least one new family favorite recipe a week. There may be more during festival times but let's start with that.


P.S. My girls are helping their old, behind-the-times, tech-challenged mom get this blog going. Please be kind. I'm learning every day.


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