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Cookbook Challenge - Day 6

We were getting hit with a snowstorm so I thought a soup/stew was in order. In keeping with our Meatless Monday, I made a veggie version of Sundubu-jjigae, spicy soft tofu stew. Instead of meat I used these great meaty king trumpet mushrooms I picked up. I decided to try another pancake recipe, this time potato pancakes. Interestingly, they are made from pureed potatoes making the texture completely different!

I've had this dish countless times in restaurants. I usually choose the seafood version. I've tried making it before but it didn't taste like in the restaurant. It is spicy and soft with the soft eggs and soft tofu, a little sour from the kimchi and fresh with green onions. This recipe was pretty good. I think it would probably have been better if it had had the flavor or richness from meat but it was good. I will try it again but maybe the meat or the seafood version.

My tip if you are going to make this is to taste before you put in the pepper flakes. It was already quite spicy, probably from the kimchi, so I didn't put in all of the flakes.

When my kids were little we used to order this dish for them in restaurants but we ordered it "white" which meant "no pepper flakes". It definitely isn't the same without the heat but was still an incredibly delicious tofu stew. That makes me think that kimchi isn't always part of the recipe.

It was fairly simple. Saute, add stock and boil. Add tofu and pepper mixture, eggs and voila, an addicting spicy stew of soft egg and tofu. I'll keep experimenting with this one and will post my version when I get it to our taste but you should definitely give it a try! If you haven't had soft tofu before you should try it. It has the consistency of flan, soft and silky. Serve sundubu with rice.

I've never had this kind of potato pancake. The technique was interesting. You puree the potatoes, strain it, add scallions then pan fry up the puree. I had zero faith that it was going to stick together but it did! I think it was because you drain off the water but keep the potato starch. It was kind of soft and chewy on the inside and crispy on the outside. My tip for this pancake is to serve it immediately. The longer it sits, the more it oxidizes and turns dark in color. Also serve with the dipping sauce.

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