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Cookbook Challenge - Jajangmyeon

Jajangmyeon is another one of those dishes we usually go out to eat, like soondubu. Eating something delicious in a restaurant always makes me want to try making it at home. Jajangmyeon is actually a Korean adaptation of the Chinese dish. They taste completely different even though both are topped with a fried, dark, black bean based sauce. The Korean version is thick and dark and rich and full of delicious chunks of meat and veggies. I haven't had the Chinese version in so long I barely remember what it tastes like but I remember it being saltier and with ground meat and pickled veggies.

Maangchi's jajangmyeon recipe was good, dark and saucy but again, a bit different from what we usually get from a restaurant. Could be regional recipe difference, could be something else. I'll keep trying out different recipes. Maangchi's had diced radish in their recipe which I wasn't used to. I didn't mind it. The more veggies the better I say. I know you can order different kinds in restaurants but usually they have a base of pork, potatoes, cabbage, zucchini and onions cooked up then braised in the dark black bean paste. I like ordering mine with seafood.

If you make this at home, make sure you fry up the bean paste. It changes it. It takes out some bitterness, cooks the flour and just changes the texture and taste. Don't skip this step!

Another tip is not to wear white when you eat this dish! The noodles are springy and the sauce is dark. You'll get it on your mouth and if you are not careful, you'll get it on your clothes as well!

Anyway you get it, seafood, meat or vegetarian, you will enjoy this smooth rich sauce over the thick noodles.

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