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Cookbook Challenge - Ojingeo-bokkeum - Spicy Squid

This dish is found in the "sides" section but one of those dishes that if you serve with any number of other "sides" can actually make a full meal with rice. Spicy, sweet, and chewy this dish hits the spot with a nice hot bowl of rice. The carrots, onions and green onions give a nice sweetness to contrast the heat from the sauce.

This is another quick and easy dish to prepare. I'd say under half an hour. Just cut the onions, green onions, carrots and squid. I made mine in a wok. Just stir fry, add sauce, thicken with slurry and done. Yum! Another quick winning dish!

I started with already cleaned squid. I am not a fan of cleaning whole squid. Tried it once and was pretty grossed out so...this is one place I'll spend a little more to get the already cleaned ones.

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