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Indoor Gardening - green onions

I was going to start posting to this page in the Spring but then thought there are things you could do in the winter - indoor gardening!

It's as simple as sticking discarded parts of produce you already buy in a pot of soil! You can't get simpler than that and the above picture proves it. I'll buy several bunches of green onions at the grocery store at a time. I used to not think anything of composting (another post) the root ends until I noticed prices starting to go up. I still buy them in the store from time to time but now I just stick about 2" of the root end in some soil, water it every now and again and I have green onions year round.

In the Spring I will transfer them to my garden or just move the whole pot outside. Remember to put in a sunny spot and water once a week. That's it.

I will admit that they don't seem as strong growing in winter sun indoors but when I need them they're there and ready and it saves me a trip to the store. So WIN!

You'll notice that I also have a chunk of ginger in there. That's another post but believe it or not you can grow that too!

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