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Challenging Myself!

Don't think that just because I started this blog I'm an expert. I'm just a home cook who loves to...well...cook! And of course share the recipes I've learned and love with you. I will never be one who accomplished something great but I can do plenty of small things with great love - like making people smile and making happy tummies.

I make plenty of mistakes. It doesn't stop me from wanting to learn and improve. I learn best from my mistakes! I'm not afraid to fail. I've failed plenty of times but even with tears I dust off and get back up and keep trying.

Since I have committed to this blog space for 2 years, I figured I'd use it to try something I always wanted to try, a culinary journey not unlike the book/blog/movie Julie and Julia. Only difference is that I want to challenge myself to learn to cook better Korean food. I want to cook our favorites and find new ones and want to take you along on my journey of learning. I hope to come out a better Korean food cook and to stop calling my food "fake" Korean food, even if it is delicious.

A few times a week or more I will try a recipe from one of the 2 Maangchi cookbooks I purchased. The Maangchi website has been my go-to for Korean recipes for many years. I'll take pictures of my trials and tell you how it went. When I made mistakes, I'll share with you what to avoid so you'll learn from my mistakes and have success.

If all this fails well then it fails but I won't give up that easily. The rewards of being a better cook and delicious meals await and will propel me onward. Wish me luck and I hope you follow this journey. I'm going to look to you for support. Oh and don't worry, I'll continue adding other recipes to the blog even as I'm doing this. Gotta keep building up this library. Even if it doesn't benefit anyone else I know my girls will take them from here and beyond!

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