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Cookbook Challenge - Day 5

Today I made hoedeopbap again but this time with raw fish for Fish Friday. Last time I made it vegetarian with fried tofu for Meatless Monday. We thought the veggie version was so good and healthy. Wow! This was even better! Still way cheaper than going out for sushi but it is a bit on the pricey side. So refreshing and filling with all the greens, textures and temperatures with the warm rice and everything else crispy cold. Mixing it with the gochujang based sauce brought it all together. I had to sub for the Korean peppers with jalapenos and something other pepper. It was SO hot!!

I really like mixed rice. You can make so many different combinations and change it up with different sauces to mix in. This mixed rice like all the others have a lot of ingredients. It's not hard to make but there are a lot of ingredients to prep. They include red and green peppers, cucumbers, perilla leaves, avocado, onions, spring mix, fish, fish roe, rice and sauce which had like 10 ingredients in it. I served it with the suggested soup and made a kimchi pancake to go with it.

The pancake was really good! I could tell because my girls don't usually eat it when we order it in restaurants but they each ate a quarter and said to make it again!

Wish the pancake would stay a bit crispier longer after it comes off the pan but it was still tasty. We dipped it in the sauce we had leftover from soybean rice night. It was a spicy soy sauce. Yum! I can't wait to try more Korean pancake recipes. There's a whole section on it.

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