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Cookbook Challenge - Tteokbokki - Spicy Rice Cakes

This is one of those dishes that we see characters in K-dramas eat all the time. It's a popular street food, easily eaten as a snack or even a meal. Rice cakes, in the shape of 3" logs, are cooked in a thick, smooth, spicy and sweet gochujang based sauce. Also joining the party are hard boiled eggs and fish cakes. The Maangchi recipe didn't call for noodles but I threw some in there because we always crave it when we them eat it on TV like that!

This recipe was really yummy. Not too spicy, just right! The rice cakes are soft and chewy. Pretty much the whole dish is soft, except for a bit of crunch from the green onions. This dish is pretty easy to make. Boil up some anchovy broth, add the gochujang mixture, rice cakes, green onions, and fish cakes. Stir it up until it becomes thick. I cooked the eggs and noodles separately and threw those in near the end before serving.

It is not recommended that you wear a white shirt when eating this one. LOL! Enjoy!

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