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Dosirak - Korean Lunch Box

Feel free to laugh all you want but I'm going to tell this story anyway. My family has been watching K-dramas for a while, especially now that my kids are teens but even more so in the past year during COVID. One food that fascinates us is dosirak, the Korean lunch box. My kids especially love watching rom-coms where there is a "love triangle". Usually at some point a dosirak is carefully, thoughtfully and lovingly prepared, wrapped in a beautiful box which is then wrapped in a beautiful cloth and presented to the love interest. These boxed lunches filled with all kinds of goodies are SO beautiful and mouth watering we just had to try making our own.

You can really put anything in a dosirak to make your own. The photo above is vegetarian containing rice, cabbage kimchi, rolled egg omelet, spicy pan fried tofu, soy braised potatoes and carrots, garlicky cucumber pickle, japche, and marinated spinach. Keep checking the Korean sides section under Sides as I add recipes for these and meat options.

We get SO hungry watching people eat delicious food that we even vowed to go to Korea some day to go eat everything from tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes) to fish cakes on skewers from street vendors.

I didn't grow up eating all these delicious Korean sides. I never really ate any Korean food till I met my husband and wow, I could NOT believe what I was missing all my life! My in-laws are amazing cooks. I'm so happy my kids and I eaten some of the best home cooked Korean meals and get to learn from them!

We hope that you will be equally enamored to Korean cuisine. It is not just about spicy food and kimchi - although those are amazing too! SO many flavors, textures and smells. There is ALWAYS a ready meal anytime at my in-laws house. A hot bowl of rice with any any sides in the fridge will do it. Or you could quick throw together something delicious from leftovers. I only wish to have a fridge like that someday. Stick with me as I continue to post more Korean inspired options and I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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