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Learning Process - Never too old to learn...

At this point I've been writing on this blog for a few months and I've come to learn a few things about myself, what I like and don't like, what I'm good at and not and where I think I want to go from here. I'm sure things will keep on changing but this is where I'm at right now.

What has not changed is that I LOVE food and sharing everything I learn with you. I don't mind making mistakes and want to share what I learned so that you succeed. I don't want you to get frustrated and give up. I want you to succeed and to want to cook and try new food!

I have learned I really love writing about my experiences and sharing good or bad with readers. Actually I don't care if I don't have many readers but I still like writing and hope that it meant something to someone who read it. If it can provide hope, encouragement, a smile, courage to try something new, or support, then I'm happy that I made the connection and put it out there.

I have learned that I really hate writing recipes. It takes a lot of time to measure, time, photograph, video and to try to come up with the right words to describe a process. I know that it is necessary and I will always try my best to do it well so that it is easy for you to follow and to succeed. That is my pledge to you!

I have learned that I really hate following recipes myself. I know that it is necessary, especially if I've never made the dish before or even know what it is supposed to look like or taste like. But it is SO fussy to me. It's not my style of cooking. I like glancing over a recipe and using it as a "guideline" then going with what I have on hand. Techniques and most of the ingredients are usually pretty true to the recipe but I also substitute and wing it. I don't worry if it's not exact. Fussy stresses me out!

BUT that being said, for my cookbook challenge I am following recipes pretty close to exactly as written because these recipes and techniques are unfamiliar to me and I want to know how it should taste and how to achieve it - at least once. After that though, I will write "Chris' version" of recipes. I will stop calling my recipes "fake". I will go through a little stress while I challenge myself to learn but then I will take joy in cooking it "my way".

I will use authentic techniques but I may simplify some ingredients to use ingredients that are still delicious but not causing a run to the store. Some spices, sauces, and pastes cannot be substituted but we can certainly make do with other substitutions.

I have learned that I am not too old to learn about social media. I am still behind the times and after the initial migraine I got from information overload I am slowly but surely learning bits about social media. I also learned that I am the type of person who really does not care about "likes" or popularity. I just want to share what I share because it is my "joy" and sharing about food just keeps coming out of me because it makes me happy.

I don't like being in pictures. But in the picture above which was a snapshot of a video from making longevity noodles, I had to shoot waist up to demo the technique. Anyway...what you see is pure joy on my face.

I have so much pleasure in "doing". It makes me laugh, makes me smile and is so much fun doing what I love. I hope I can pass on that feeling to you and encourage you to try and have fun. Doesn't matter the results but you can be rewarded by time well spent AND tasty treats!

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Anita Wang
Anita Wang

Trying to standardize a Chinese recipe is the hardest! Thanks for taking the time to do it for us. It really helps, especially for dishes I am unfamiliar with.

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