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Dried Noodles

Who doesn't love noodles? They come in all shapes, sizes and made of all kinds of ingredients from rice to sweet potato starch. No kidding! Here are a few of the ones I use most often. Since I developed a gluten sensitivity over 10 years ago I lean toward getting a larger variety of gluten free noodles. Luckily there are SO many and of course not to leave out delicious wheat and buckwheat noodles that you just can't do without!

Rice noodles

So many shapes, thicknesses, lengths make for so many textures and all from just 2 ingredients - rice and water. Some recipes call for a specific kind often based on where it will be used. Some hold up better in soups, some hold onto sauces, and some absorb flavors better. Traditional dishes usually call for a specific kind. Great gluten free option!

Rice paper wrappers

These rice paper wrappers are dipped briefly in warm water to rehydrate then wrapped around fillings to eat as is or deep fried for a crispy texture. They turn translucent and have a chewy texture. Not much flavor on their own but they are wonderful for Vietnamese rolls, a perfect summertime appetizer or snack!

Bean thread

These noodles turn clear when rehydrated and cooked. They are springy and stretchy and ready to take on whatever flavor you put on it or serve with it. It is an essential ingredient in Chinese vegan "jai" and an awesome gluten free option. I love it in hot pots!

Sweet potato noodles

These really are made from sweet potato starch! They don't taste like sweet potatoes though. Like bean thread noodles they turn clear and are stretchy but these noodles are thicker. They are used in the stir fried Korean japche noodle dish, soups and even in dumplings! An absolute must try.

Buckwheat noodles (nangmyun)

I just had to show this one even though I just make it straight out of the package as is with flavor packets and broth. These noodles are made primarily of buckwheat. They are thin and have a wonderful chewy, stretchy texture. Served with an ice cold broth, thin sliced meat, cucumbers, Asian pear, pickled daikon, hard boiled egg and either vinegar and mustard sauce or chili sauce it is my absolute favorite summertime noodle!


Soba is another buckwheat noodle but this version is much less chewy and stretchy. Serve this in soup or cold with a dipping sauce and tempura for a delightful lunch of textures and flavors!

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